My Relationship With The Victory Seed Company

I have been real good friends with Mike Dunton (owner/founder) of Victory Seed Company for about 15 years now. It all started many years ago while I was searching on eBay for old seed catalogs to further my research on old plant varieties. I had just purchased a 1929 Livingston Seed catalog and unbeknownst to me at the time Mike was and still is an avid Livingston history collector. He contacted me to see if I would be willing to make scans of the catalog, which I gladly agreed to. I also had purchased seed from his company but didn’t know who he was at that time…small world. Since that time we have become real good friends (BBAM's - brothers by another mother kind of relationship :) and also business colleagues as well as research partners.

As time went on I realized that I could get more of my old seed varieties out to the public if Victory Seed Company carried them. I was and still am a small operation and wasn’t able to get these old varieties out to as many folks as they could. So Mike and I worked out a business relationship and I began to supply Victory Seed Company with some of the varieties I grow.

As of 2017 all of my seeds will now be offered exclusively through Victory Seed Company and your purchases directly supports our combined seed variety preservation work and allows me to spend more time searching out old heirloom seed varieties, researching them and growing them out for your gardens.

Victory Seed Company carries a real nice selection of vegetable and flower seed as well as garden tools and many other items of interest. We hope you will stop by and pay them a visit and show your support for their preservation work and in turn be supporting small farmers like myself. 
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David Pendergrass
New Hope Seed Company
January 8, 2017