Tip Top Muskmelon

90 days
Introduced by A.W. Livingston Seed Company in 1892, this grand old melon was once the standard by which all other melons were judged. Livingston’s first observed this melon being sold at a ‘fancy’ vegetable stand in Columbus, Ohio by a gentleman formally from Lancaster Pennsylvania who had brought the seed with him when he relocated to Ohio. Fruit are large, averaging 6-8 pounds; shape is round to oblong, distinctly ribbed with moderate to light netting. Flesh is a deep salmon, very thick and sweet. You can just about eat it down to the outside rind.

The following statement describing Tip Top appears in the old Livingston’s catalogs and we think this statement still holds true today.

"The testimony of all who use Tip Top is that every melon produced, whether big or little, early or late, is a good one; sweet, juicy, finest flavor, firm fleshed and eatable to the outside coating."