TN 86 (Tennessee 86) Tobacco Plants
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Although not an heirloom variety (released in 1986) like most of the other varieties I grow and offer 'Tennessee 86' (TN 86) is a great open-pollinated burley tobacco variety to grow and has good disease resistance. TN 86 was one of the main varieties we grew here on our farms when we were still raising tobacco as a cash crop.

TN 86 is a late maturing burley variety with an extreme upright growth habit which aids in less breakage and loss of leaves during harvest. TN 86 has a high yield potential and should be topped at about 22 to 26 leaves; higher topping will result in overly large plants that are difficult to manage and harvest.

TN 86 is a lighter green in the field compared to other burley tobaccos. The cured leaf is generally reddish-tan.

TN 86, was the first burley tobacco variety to have resistance to TVMV (tobacco vein mottling virus) and TEV (tobacco etch virus) and PVY (potato virus Y ) diseases. TN 86 also is resistant to black shank (Race 0 and Race 1), black root rot and wildfire.

TN 86 was was developed by Prof Robert Miller at the Tobacco Experiment Station in Greeneville, Tennessee and the original cross and subsequent backcross were made by Dr. Creighton Gupton, former USDA-ARS burley tobacco breeder at the Tobacco Experiment Station in Greeneville.

'Tennessee 86' (TN 86) was released by the Tennessee Agricultural Experiment Station as a commercial variety in February 1986.

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