Mama Payton's Okra


70 days 'Mama Payton's' is an old family heirloom sent to the Victor Seed Company by Brian Payton of Trion, Georgia. Brian told us that in his garden, the plants are productive, grow from six to twelve feet tall and produce huge, tasty pods.

The history of 'Mama Payton's' began when Brian's paternal grandparents, Arthur and Carrie Payton, were married in 1917 in Cherokee County, Alabama. Brian's father said that they were given the seed shortly after they were married, probably by other family members, and raised this one variety of okra exclusively; A tradition carried on in the Payton family ever since.

In closing the letter that he sent to us, Brian said, "My grandmother passed away in January of 1997. One month before her 100th birthday. I think it would have made her happy that someone was interested [in the okra]."

Although in cooler climates with shorter growing season the plants may not reach great heights as it can in hotter climates such as here in Tennessee but is still productive in either climate. I can attest to Mama Payton's productivity and to it's fine eating quality.

I am honored to be part of helping to keep Mama Payton's okra available for all to enjoy.





Mama Payton's Okra

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